Alan C. Wilkins is a Saxophonist always seeking to inspire the diverse population of music lovers. Through his rich-sounding, eclectic composition it's no wonder he has fans anticipating the release of his most recent project titled, Resonate. Alan's musical background is just as diverse as the population that enjoys his music. It includes gospel fused with jazz, rock, and inspirational music which definitely influenced his latest EP, Resonate.  Comprised of elevating chord progressions and rich harmonies, Resonate not only looks to be musically pleasing, but also encourages deep thought and conveys specific messages through each song.


Born in Norfolk, VA, Alan has been dabbling in music since age 5, singing in both children and adult choirs in church was one of his favorite past times. He finally picked up and settled on the saxophone at age 10 and has never put it down. He attended the University of the Arts (UArts) in Philadelphia, PA where he studied Jazz Performance and obtained a Masters degree in Music Education.  Studying jazz under the direction of Michael Pracker, Ronald Kerber and Anthony Salicondro heavily influenced his training as a professional musician. With such training Alan created a horn section called, Brassanity Hornz, which has allowed him to write and compose horn arrangements for various artists from many genres.  Alan's skills coupled with his charismatic nature has created opportunities for him to share the stage with artist such as Thomas Claybourne, Tye Tribbett, Bubby Fan, Donald Ashley, Chill Moody, Angie Stone, and “Professor” Craig Hayes.  Alan is an intricate part of the band, Fresh Fire Pro. and thoroughly enjoys sharing the stage and creating unique music with the band. He currently spends the bulk of his days impacting the youth within the walls of his classroom in Trenton, New Jersey. Allowing his students to experience not only jazz, but create a fond love and memories derived from the sound of all types of music.